December 2023, new release v1.2.7
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More about FAIR-Checker


Gaignard, A., Rosnet, T., de Lamotte, F., Lefort, V., & Devignes, M. (2023). FAIR-Checker: supporting digital resource findability and reuse with Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web standards. Journal of Biomedical Semantics, 14.

The team

FAIR-checker is developed by the interoperability working group of the French Institute for Bioinformatics:
The source code is accessible through GitHub. Please submit GitHub issues to provide feedback or ask for new features, and contact us for any related question.


We are grateful to all members of the IFB interoperability working group for providing ideas, feedback and extensive testing, and especially F. de Lamotte, S Lauriou, V. Lefort.
We would also like to thank M. Wilkinson and V. Emonet for their time and the shared technical expertise regarding automated FAIR assesment.
Many thanks to the Elixir and Bioschemas initiatives for promoting and supporting life science metadata standards and their tooling.